Firegate Security Suite
The Firegate Security Suite for Small to Medium sized business (100 or 1000) is the most versatile and encompassing network security solution available today. Designed to block viruses, trojans and hackers from entering the Local Area Network (LAN), it provides Unified Threat Management (UTM) either as a stand-alone solution or in concert with third-party components such as routers, firewalls, mail servers, and Web servers.

For many businesses, the anti-virus software they run on their desktop computers is their only line of defense against network penetration and data loss. By the time a virus, worm or dangerous trojan program reaches the desktop computer where the standard anti-virus software isolates and removes it, it may already be too late. The Firegate all-in-one firewall blocks viruses, worms, hackers, trojans, spam and more at the network perimeter -- before it enters the company network.

Firegate is a completely self-contained hardware and software based managed services solution that utilizes a hardened BSD core to provide industry renowned security and speed. It is designed to be configured and fully operational within 5 minutes for the simplest network topologies; and even for more complicated networks, the set-up and configuration time is generally 30 minutes or less.

What is ANA?
At the heart of Firegate's platform is a patent pending technology called ANA. The Wiresoft Firegate Automated Network Administrator (ANA) monitors your network security remotely assuring your business continuity. ANA is the first of its kind to use a technology that monitors, alerts, and takes action to remedy any issues. The Firegate's unique proactive approach to network protection greatly reduces resource requirements. ANA automatically shares network security challenges from thousands of businesses globally, virtually eliminating the need to have to experience network security issues yourself. ANA is all about business continuity, reducing costs, and complete protection of your network at a very affordable price. 

Firegate Feature Highlights
  • A firewall that has never been breached.
  • Transparent virus scanning for mail, Web and FTP data - POP3, SMTP, FTP.
  • Virus definitions updated every 2 hours.
  • An anti-virus protection that has never been breached.
  • World Class Spam Firewall Filter - eliminates false positives.
  • Individual-user Email policy authentication using SPAMWALL.
  • Automated Network Administrator (ANA) that monitors and updates the Firegate Security Platform 24/7.
  • Automatic failover routing.
  • VPN connects branch offices together or home offices securely.
  • Remote access for road warriors provides secure access regardless of Internet connection.
  • Content Filtering to maintain control of Internet Web site access from your business network, reduce time wasting surfing, and reduce liability from surfing websites that put your business at risk. 

Growing businesses should be rewarded for doing things right, hiring more employees, and having more computers on their network. The Firegate has no client-license fees, unlimited number of remote (PPTP) clients as well as an unlimited number of office-to-office (IPsec) connections.

Technical Information: Read the Proteus Report for their analysis from Independent third party testing of the Firegate.

Marketing Information: Please see the Firegate Sales Sheet and the Firegate Series Overview sheet.