With compliance and e-governance currently consuming most of the resources and time in organisations, often the roots issues within the IT systems are neglected and subsequently lead to losses in organisations. These losses are not just monetary but can be a significant in terms bad press and public loss of face.
Secure networking, Data protection, Wireless security and protecting your business in environments that are technology driven or employee centric. Threats are rather internal in a business than external, we provide secured solutions for possible threat one may have when it comes to protecting your personal or professional information, safe guarding your business with the latest software and managed services. Today network predators are on a constant prowl of stealing information in ways that we cannot predict. Stabbing the organisations both large and small in the heart with the most sophisticated and often free technology. Intrusion in professional and personal lives in the world is now looked upon as a crime.
We have put together a specialist range of services that will help organisations in managing the more complex yet simple to address issues that relate protection of vital information without requiring the significant skills or investment in resources.

Our services will take care of security issues that many companies may not have thought of and are easily addressed, which include:

What do your staff do on their computers and what is leaving and entering your systems - just via the Internet?
How do you keep your web site secure, when changes are taking place daily?
Where do you get the Forensics skills if you suspect that your staff may be even your tech savvy IT department, outsourcing organisation breaching the security boundaries? Worst still a competitor does?
How can you identity trends prior to a breach taking place and subsequently prevent rather than rectify. Dramatic Security failures have continued to affect organisations exponentially for ages now.
Information security is simply too important to leave to over stretched IT departments.
Our range of services not a one off project for us; it is the beginning of a professional relationship.
Where we are treat everyday as a New Possible threat to your organizations IP and information.