Intellinx Features

Intellinx is an innovative and unique software product for tracking end-user activity in internal business applications in heterogeneous platforms including legacy systems. Intellinx introduces a new dimension in auditing and fraud detection - the ability to record the interaction of all end-users with all the central applications, zoom-in on specific suspicious user activity and replay every screen accessed and every keystroke within an application as if looking over the end-user's shoulder. Intellinx business rule engine tracks end-user behavior patterns triggering alerts on suspicious events in real-time.

Intellinx helps large organizations comply with regulations, such as Gramm-Leach-Bliley, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and Basel II. These regulations typically require tracking of user access to sensitive corporate and customer's data. Answering the questions ? Who? Did What? When? To Which record? How? Where from? ? are typically required for complying with these regulations. Intellinx is unique in its ability to maintain a field-level audit-trail which includes read actions as well update actions, with zero-overhead, without installing any hardware or software on the host or clients and without changing a single line of code.

Product Features

  • Recording of all screens displayed, end-user keystrokes and messages between applications without interfering with the host's or clients' software or hardware.
  • Replay of screens accessed and actions performed by each end-user as if looking over his or her shoulder.
  • Search for end-user sessions in a specific timeframe according to screen content ? screen headers, field names and values within screens, for example, search and replay all user screens displayed on a specific date in which a specific account-number was viewed or typed.
  • Pattern recognition algorithms automatically identify application screens, fields, flows and messages.
  • Graphic Visualizer for mapping application entities (screens, fields and flows) into meaningful business indicators and business entities.
  • Customizable business rules track end-user behavior patterns across multiple channels in real-time and identify exceptions, triggering instant alerts. For example, tracking end-users who issue the query "Find customer account by customer name" more than twenty times within one hour, while on average this query is performed only twice an hour by a typical end-user.
  • Recorded data may be archived, and new rules can be applied on old recordings after-the-fact.
  • A business rules repository stores application entities, business indicators and business events data.
  • A case management function allows fraud and AML investigation teams to effectively manage the organizational process of internal investigations from alerts and cases prioritization and review to workload balancing and SAR filing.
  • The product can also be used for real-time opportunity spotting and generation of additional business. For example, bank customer deposits exceeding a certain threshold may trigger investment offers.