Technology Highlights

The modern workforce needs a network-aware approach for protecting your data, devices, and employees on the move. Whether you are on your 4G mobile broadband account, in a remote office, or on a coffee shop Wi-Fi network, Datacastle RED will detect your network and optimize your data protection in order to create a cost-effective and friction-free experience for your employees.


Centralized policy management engine–set, audit and report on policies for backup, recovery, port access control, data delete and device trace through a single, web-based policy engine. Features can be controlled by user, device or group to meet compliance mandates.


Automated key management–get the security benefits of randomly generated keys without the management headaches. Our patented key management and escrow technology makes managing millions of keys is as easy as managing one. You can also restrict key access to end users or grant access to administrators.


Flexible storage routing

Flexible storage routing–take advantage of both high-availability storage and less costly "offline" storage options with horizontal storage routing. You can backup data to multiple Datacastle Vaults in other data centers or in the cloud.


WAN optimization–one instance of a content block across all files on a device, or across all devices, is backed up, saving on both storage and bandwidth consumption. Only content that has changed from one backup to the next gets transported across the WAN to the Datacastle Vault.


Robust AES encryption–data is protected by 256-bit AES at rest encryption on the hard drive and the Datacastle Vault, with 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protecting data during transport to the Vault. File names and other metadata are protected through our block level approach to encryption, and cryptographically random generated AES 256-bit keys provide an exponential level of protection.


Multi-tenant–Datacastle RED enables service providers and large organizations to have fine grained access control and policy management across multiple partners, companies, or divisions.

Mobile Access and Sharing–Easy and secure mobile data access and sharing from iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows RT, and many more mobile devices.


Intelligent Data Roaming and Caching–Datacastle RED enables backup and recovery performance optimization for routing your backup and recovery from the cloud, QuickCaches on your LAN, or a local cache on the device when you are disconnected.

Mobile Broadband–automatically detect mobile broadband (LTE, 4G, 3G, 2G) network access and pause your backups in order to avoid costly overage charges.

Active Directory/LDAP Integration –IT professionals can leverage their existing directory infrastructures for ease of deployment and management.

Reporting and Alerting–schedule regular reports and let Datacastle RED tell you when there is an issue that requires your attention. Be able to provide audit reports to prove your organization's compliance.

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