Enterprise Backup

The growth of data, devices and compliance mandates is a reality for most enterprises today. Now you can automatically backup and protect endpoint data on all critical devices, whether provisioned by IT or not.

Datacastle RED provides enterprises with low touch, policy-controlled features that are simply not found in most backup solutions:


Backup efficiency–global deduplicated data is backed up quickly and securely in the background, minimizing the impact on end user productivity and network resources.

Mobile access–enforce policies, audit and securely access any version of a file on any mobile device, anytime, anywhere.

Local caching–backed up data is also encrypted and managed in a device’s local cache, providing faster data restores and improving network traffic efficiency.

Data retention–set automated policies for the time period or number of versions to be retained to meet compliance mandates and optimize long term storage.

Backup redundancy–backups are sent automatically to two state-of-the-art Tier 4 data centers, or to your own data centers.

Backup frequency–scan for changes and set policies to backup as often as one-minute intervals to ensure data protection.

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