"You can't manage what you can't measure"... Organisations looking at their overall security as far as systems, applications and network security is concerned the first step is to understand where they are today in terms of systems and potential vulnerabilities that may exist on those systems.

Our aim is to establish a long-term working partnership to help you develop the appropriate management of your information security, policies and audits whether this involves consultancy services to develop your internal systems, or outsourced managed security.

We can help you understand where your risks are greatest, and help you develop appropriate countermeasures and strategy. Our risk management approach underpins the way we can help you make the right decisions, and allocate resources where you will get the most security gains.

Our range of services include:

» Risk Assessment & Management
You can't manage what you
can't measure
» Secure Systems Design and Architecture
» Implementation Services
» Information Security Audit
» Wireless Security Assessment
» Web Application Testing
» Managed Web Security Audits
» Mobile Device/Physical Assessment
» Information Security Compliance
» Application Testing
» Secure Application Development
» Business Impact Analysis
» Security Audit
And a wide range of Security Services in the personnel area.

With the Best of Breed solutions and Consultants from different backgrounds, we provide confidential, comfortable and successful implementation always.

You may already have specific requirements to use our consultancy services, or you may want help in assessing your risks. This approach gives you an overall picture of your vulnerabilities, and ensures that you deploy protection where it is needed most.