Product overview

Professional IT Lifecycle Management and Contract Management are the core competencies of Brainware Spider. Our software-based products support actively you in the management of IT-derived contracts and assets. From the technical aspects of operating system rollout to the business management of contracts, Brainware Spider provides products, services and expertise to meet your requirements.

Systems Management:Classic software and client management - efficient and reliable to deploy and manage computer systems in your company. The Asset and License Management Module create transparency and savings potential for IT and business at the same time.

Asset Management: Professional asset management for medium-sized and large companies, allowing you to exact control of all assets and comprehensive combination with economic data.

License Management: License compliance made easy, allowing analysis of license status basedon actual installed software coupled with actual usage metrics and legal license requirements imposed by manufacturers.

PurchaseServices:Thanks to PurchaseServices the costs for the purchase process can be dramatically reduced. Due to the automation the purchasing staff has the opportunity to devote themselves to value-added tasks.

Contract Management: Professionally manage contracts and align IT assets with business objectives. React on time before contract expiration, maintenance renewal deadlines, and SLA termination dates.

Spider Incident:Professional help desk solution that allows problems to be solved directly and in structured and often automated fashion. Results: Faster support, employee satisfaction and lower costs.

Spider Change:With Spider Change you make sure that changes are steered in the IT company taking into account economic points of view and negative consequences on the service quality are minimized.