Xen and XenServer Backup


Backup Types:
Full Backups
Guest Level

File-level (agent only)

Xen Platforms:
Citrix XenServer
Arkeia Software supports the backup of Citrix XenServer and Xen open-source, such as the one included in Novell SUSE, virtualization servers.

There are two backup approaches possible in order to integrate Xen environment into an Arkeia Network Backup global backup policy. These approaches may be used singly or may be used together.

The first approach is to implement a backup agent in each virtual machine and perform a traditional backup of each of each guest operating system. Advantages of this method include a file-level granular restore and the ability to perform hot backup of databases and application data. Arkeia offers discounted pricing for backup agents installed on guest operating systems.

The second approach is to perform backups at the hypervisor level, creating image snapshots of each virtual machine. This backup method allow a fast restore of full virtual machines to the original virtualization server or to another Xen machine. Xen backup script details are available on Arkeia Wiki.

Arkeia permits seamless integration of backup scripts into a global Arkeia backup strategy. Xen backups can be scheduled to run as a part of a comprehensive backup strategy across both virtual machines using multiple virtualization technologies and physical machines.

Three capabilities make Arkeia solutions outstanding for protecting virtualized environments. No other data protection integrates all of these capabilities:

  • Arkeia protects all the major virtual environments. It also protects more than 200 physical platforms so a single backup solution can protect your entire IT environment.
  • Arkeia's Progressive Deduplication™ is truly global. It deduplicates data blocks not only across multiple virtual machines, but across multiple hypervisors. Moreover, deduplication works across both physical and virtual environments further reducing your backup size!
  • Arkeia supports direct backup to disk and tape. Arkeia also replicates backup sets to local media (e.g. tape), as well as to public or private clouds, for secure off-site storage.

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