Why Backup Appliances?

Appliances are now a well accepted delivery platform for software in security, communications and storage applications. The Arkeia backup appliance is the first all-in-one backup appliance to work seamlessly with traditional software and virtual appliance deployments. While selecting a traditional software plus hardware solution allows for the greatest flexibility, done incorrectly it may result in “Frankenstein” deployments, creating a painful installation, management and support nightmare. Poorly, ad hoc designed backup server solutions add layers of complexity and risks many organizations deem as unnecessary and unacceptable. An all-in-one backup appliance alleviates many of these complexities and risks.

Benefits of Appliances

1. Installation & Deployment

  • All-in-one appliance design removes need to separately select, test, and install OS, application, drivers, server hardware, storage target etc.
  • Integrated disk storage (VTL) with optional tape drive shortens time-to-first-backup
  • Designed to be installed in minutes, not hours or days

2. Management & Support

  • Standardized appliance form factor allows for consistent product updates (patches, updates etc), reducing administration overhead required with ad hoc solutions. The OS and backup software are a single entity, and the software update package is simply downloaded from Arkeia’s web site to a desktop computer; from this computer, the customer uploads this package through the web GUI of the appliance to upgrade. From the Central Management Server the software update can be applied to multiple appliances at once
  • Remote management capabilities allow for administrators to design and control backups from a remote location, improving backup productivity and reliability
  • Appliance form factor assures consistent infrastructure is deployed across your organization, reducing complexity
  • Appliance form factor means only one vendor supports integrated components (such as OS patches, software configurations etc), reducing finger pointing and, more importantly, time to resolution

3. Security & Performance

  • Appliance comes with a proven OS that is a security hardened, stripped down Linux operating system optimized for rapid backup and restore
  • Appliance Linux-based OS is less sensitive to viruses, trojans and other common security threats found with Windows-based solutions
  • Appliances come bundled with the Arkeia Enterprise Encryption Option, ensuring data is encrypted at the point of creation, at the client, therefore avoiding sending any unprotected data across the network (even an internal network)

The Bottom Line: Costs & Complexity

Appliances reduce complexity and drive down the costs of deploying software. The all-in-one backup appliance from Arkeia Software drive down the total cost of ownership of backup software with:

  • Integrated hardware and software comes with one set of licenses
  • One support vendor, one support contract
  • High costs of integration is avoided
  • High costs of management and updates are avoided
Arkeia backup appliance provides simple, reliable and affordable data protection for remote offices and small- / mid-sized businesses. The Arkeia Backup Appliance delivers the complete Arkeia Backup Server software, integrated with disk and tape drive. The appliance is ideal for offices without full-time IT resources and provides reliable backup, restore and archive of critical data.