vmOneStep Appliances

Arkeia vmOneStep Appliances permit agentless backups of vSphere hypervisors (both ESX and ESXi). All Arkeia Appliances, beginning with the third generation of X20 appliances, are Arkeia vmOneStep Appliances. See Arkeia's four series of appliances.

Multiple Backup Servers Infrastructure

Install the appliance, assign an IP address, and the appliance will auto-discover VMware hypervisors on the network. Use your web browser to define a storage target and schedule backups. No operating systems to deploy and configure; no software to install; no tedious declaration of hypervisors. It's one step.

All Arkeia hardware appliances numbered X20 or later are Arkeia vmOneStep Appliances.

These appliances embed Arkeia's Backup Server and VMware's Virtual Disk Development Kit (VDDK) libraries, licensed from VMware. See a table of features of Arkeia's four series of appliances.

As shown in the diagram to the right, the Arkeia vmOneStep Appliances can protect a variety of environments including multiple virtual machines on multiple VMware hypervisors. Read more about how Arkeia protects VMware hypervisors, vCenter deployments, and individual virtual machines using Changed Block Tracking.

vmOneStep Appliances Protect More Than Just VMware

All vmOneStep appliances can also