Arkeia Software is a technology company. Founded by expert engineers, the company made its mark early in the Linux world through repeated innovations, many of which still distinguish the product today-even against bigger rivals. We pride ourselves on the elegant and flexible architecture of our products and the reliable and high-performance operation that results.

We developed our software with a simple philosophy. First, our software is built with backup speed in mind, which is reflected in our extensive use of parallelism and our support for backups to disk, for Progressive Deduplication, and for two-phase backups. Second, our software is standards compliant-and when it's not (e.g. our internal backup format) we publish source code. Third, we've always believed that there is a better, simpler, more-reliable solution, and have strived to conceive and deliver these solutions to our customers.

This section reviews a series of technical innovations that sets Arkeia Software apart from the field:

  • Data Flow Parallelism: Arkeia leverages sophisticated multi-flow and multi-threading from client to backup server and from backup server to tape libraries. Arkeia can create up to 248 simultaneous flows of data (including multiple granular flows per agent), and precisely prioritize those streams. This innovative capability ensures that full network bandwidth is utilized during backups, resulting in "line-speed" data protection and shorter backup windows.
  • Triple Backup Verification: Arkeia deploys three levels of data consistency checking to ensure data backed up has really been backed up. A backup isn't complete until you've backup up all your data and know that you've backed up all your data.
  • Data Encryption at the Client: Arkeia encrypts data (e.g. AES-256) at the source (the client) machine before data traverse the network. This means that backups are written in their encrypted state on the storage media. The approach of client-side encryption shortens the backup window by leveraging under-utilized processing of Client machines (rather than the Backup Server machine). Also, client-side encryption eliminates eaves-dropping risk when backup sets are sent over the local network or replicated over a wide-area network.
  • Command Line Interface Customization: Arkeia offers an easily customizable and extensible command line interface (CLI) that sits on top of the core backup engine. This flexibility allows customers to integrate Arkeia into existing data/network management solutions. The scripts you deploy are only limited by your imagination. Also, note that our CLI speaks the same Arkeia protocol as our Graphical Web user interface. Either of these interface servers can run on machines separate from the backup server.
  • High-performance Catalog: Arkeia has invested heavily to deliver a high-performance catalog server. We believe that our indexing algorithms and implementation is the equal of any. When backup sets get big, both backup and restore time can often be limited by the performance of the catalog. Give our software a test drive to compare.
  • Source Code for Restores: Arkeia Software uses a highly optimized backup storage format. However, to ensure that no (unencrypted) media written by Arkeia Network Backup will ever be unreadable, we write to every backup tape the C-language source code necessary to read the backup contents. Our storage format is better than the competition's...but we don't use it to separate you from your data.
  • Progressive Deduplication: Arkeia introduced patented Progressive Deduplication in version 9.0 of Arkeia Network Backup. Progressive Deduplication combines the best attributes of fixed-block deduplication (i.e. speed) and variable-block deduplication (i.e. compression multiplier) and is the ideal compression strategy for backup sets. Arkeia delivers deduplication in-line for the shortest backup window and source-side for the greatest scalability (i.e. number of agents per media server). Dedupe is tightly integrated in our software, making it fast and easy to use.
  • Two-phase Backups: Arkeia offers "two-phase" backups as a mechanism for shortening backup windows by as much as 80%, especially when a backup consists of large numbers of small files. A two-phase backup closes the backup window after all data to be protected has been written to a media server--even though the update of the backup catalog is not yet complete. The data are protected, even though individual files cannot be restored from the backup set until the catalog update finishes.
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