Shared Storage Option

The Arkeia Backup Server Shared Storage Option (SSO) allows two or more Media Servers to share the same storage resources across a Storage Area Network (SAN). The Backup Server mediates use of the shared tape drives and library arms. Without SSO, multiple concurrent accesses to the same tape drive could cause data corruption.

The Shared Storage Option may be deployed in heterogeneous environments where various Arkeia Backup Agents and Media Servers are deployed on different operating systems. Because backup data travels over the SAN--which generally offers higher bandwidth than the LAN, SSO shortens backup windows. Like Arkeia's Remote Storage Option, SSO provides a form of LAN-free backup, reducing LAN bandwidth consumption.


Main Features

  • LAN-free backup via a LAN-based backup server
  • One SAN-connected server can manage the backup of several LAN-connected machines
  • Dynamic drive sharing
  • Multi-OS support: Linux, UNIX, Windows

Main Benefits

  • High-speed backups through the dedicated SAN
  • No impact to the LAN network bandwidth during the backup process
  • Dynamic drive sharing leverages SAN device investments