Replication Server

Managing data at remote sites doesn't have to be complicated, time-consuming, or expensive. Arkeia Backup Replication works seamlessly with Arkeia Network Backup servers to eliminate the challenges associated with distributed data protection. Arkeia Backup Replication increases flexibility for distributed infrastructures and provides a cost-effective disaster recovery solution.

Arkeia Backup Replication manages the replication of Backup Sets across a wide area network (WAN) to a second site, a private or a public cloud. Direct backups to the cloud are most of the time impractical because they lengthen backup windows and can saturate WAN bandwidth.

Arkeia Software addresses this challenge with Backup Replication. Arkeia Backup Replication replicates backup data to one or more locations, ensuring backup data is protected and readily accessible. Backup Replication also offers interactive, chained, and scheduled duplication of data coming from total, incremental, and differential backups.


Backup Replication is fully managed from the administrator interfaces, whether via the GUI or CLI interfaces. Replication can be scripted through the CLI or they can be invoked or queued through the GUI.

The utilization of WAN bandwidth can be controlled by Backup Replication. By limiting the share of WAN bandwidth used, or by scheduled replication at off-hours, WAN performance impacts can be kept to a minimum.

To test Arkeia Network Backup with Backup Replication,download your free trial here.