Remote Storage Option

The Remote Storage Option (RSO) of Arkeia Network Backup allows Backup Agents to access local storage devices. Like the Shared Storage Option, the RSO provides another form of LAN-free backup, reducing bandwidth requirements of the local area network.

The Remote Storage Option supports virtually all SCSI-attached storage devices, including tape drives and tape libraries. However, note that the RSO is not a substitute for Backup Replication. While Backup replication allows data to traverse the WAN, the RSO requires a LAN connection to the Backup Server controlling the Agent.


Main Features

  • Deploy storage nodes over the network
  • Centralized administration of the storage nodes
  • Provides both local backup and remote backup of other clients
  • Backup to tape and to disk (VTL)
  • Multiflow and multiplexing enabled
  • Multi-OS support: Linux, UNIX, Windows

Main Benefits

  • Reduces network bandwidth requirements: no need to transfer the data through the network
  • Ideal for distributed environments and architectures divided into sub-networks
  • Optimizes hardware investments by allowing sharing of drives across the network