Platform Support Table

Click the table to the left to see our full list of supported platforms for Arkeia Backup Servers and Agents. The table is presented as a "pop-over" because it is too large to present within the normal margins of a web page.

Backup Server Platforms    Arkeia Network Backup supports Backup Servers on over 100 Linux and UNIX platforms. For Windows environments, we recommend our appliance solutions: either hardware appliances or virtual appliances.

Platform Definitions    A platform is a combination of a processor architecture (e.g. Intel x86) and an operating system version (e.g. Linux Red Hat Advanced Server v4.0).

Platform Names    The platform names used in the table are those published by the platform vendors for each release. Because platform names evolve over time, some platforms (e.g. Linux Red Hat) have many platform names, each of which is only relevant to a few releases.

Most Recent Version    Most platforms support multiple versions of Arkeia Network Backup. The most recent Arkeia Network Backup release for each platform is listed in the second column of the platform support table. If you need support for a platform, database, or application not listed in our table, please contact us.

Footnotes    Read the relevant footnotes at the bottom of the table. Some applications are supported by more than one Backup Agent, each with different capabilities (e.g. Microsoft Exchange 2007). Different agents exist because the application vendors provide more than one application programming interfaces (APIs) for backup purposes (e.g. Microsoft's VSS and VDI).