Novell Backup


Platform Support

  • NetWare
  • Open Enterprise Server (OES)
  • Suse Linux Enterprise Server (SLES)

Application Support

  • GroupWise
  • eDirectory
  • iFolder

Arkeia Software provides comprehensive backup and recovery solutions for Novell Open Enterprise Server and NetWare platforms by integrating with the Storage Management Services (SMS) API.

Arkeia Network Backup ensures consistent and reliable backup and recovery operations. SMS also ensures backward and forward compatibility with any new features or interfaces that are added to later versions. Arkeia Software offers specialized backup agents for GroupWise, eDirectory, and supports Novell Storage Services (NSS) file systems. Combined with the robust features of the SMS API, the Arkeia Network Backup suite of products provides a comprehensive data protection solution for Novell environments.

Novell Storage Services File System

By integrating with SMS, Arkeia supports Novell-specific file system properties such as trustees and rich ACL models. Also integrated within the Agent is support for iFolder data. Arkeia Network Backup provides hot-backup of NSS file systems on both linux and NetWare platforms to ensure that open-files are backed up properly.

Novell GroupWise

Arkeia Software provides full protection for GroupWise environments one both OES and NetWare environments. GroupWise backups take advantage of SMS to perform hot-backups with minimal impact on GroupWise. Learn more about the GroupWise Backup Agent.

Novell eDirectory

Novell eDirectory, formerly known as Novell Directory Services, provides LDAP-based directory services for Novell environments. Arkeia Software provides node-level backup and recovery of Novell eDirectory data with support for full and incremental backups. All backups are done while the directory services are live and running, without requiring any application downtime. Learn more about the eDirectory Backup Agent.

Extended Novell Suse Linux Support

As Linux pioneers, Arkeia Software and SuSE have worked closely together since the year 1998 to bring enterprise backup solution for Linux environments. Arkeia have been supporting all Novell Suse Linux since then, from the OpenSuse free version to the Suse Linux Enterprise Server distribution.

Arkeia solution has been tested and validated for Novell Open Enterprise Server v2 and 11.