NDMP Option

Arkeia Network Backup supports the Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) in order to integrate the backup of compliant Network Attached Storage (NAS) filers. As for any other data source, NDMP-compliant devices can be backed up to VTL, tape drives, or autoloaders. Key benefits of Arkeia’s technology include reduced backup windows and faster data restore of the filer.

NDMP Backup

Main Features

  • Direct Access Recovery (DAR) allows quick restore of a single file or groups of files
  • Support for NDMP v3 and all NDMP v3 compliant filers
  • Local NDMP backup to a NAS attached tape drive or library
  • Remote NDMP backup to disk (VTL) or tape of any Media Server
  • Remote NDMP backup to a SAN shared tape drive
  • 3-way NDMP backup allows backup to a remote tape drive or library attached to another NAS device
  • Centralized GUI and command-line interface administration

Main Benefits

  • Reduces network bandwidth requirements: no need to transfer the data through the network for local and SAN NDMP backups
  • Reduced restore times of files with DAR enabled
  • Both NDMP and traditional backup policies and scheduling is managed from a single interface
  • Leverage tape resources with support for local, remote, and 3-way NDMP backups

Arkeia Network Backup supports a large range of NDMP-compliant filers including models manufactured by: