MySQL Backup Agent

Backup Types:


Supported Versions:

MySQL 3.23 and later

Supported Platforms:
Mac OS X
Arkeia's MySQL Backup Agent provides the fastest and easiest backup for MySQL databases. Backup of MySQL open databases is critical for businesses which cannot afford to interrupt services relying on MySQL.

Arkeia Software developed the first MySQL Backup Agent to fully protect MySQL application data. Arkeia is a MySQL Enterprise Ready partner and has partnered with MySQL for backup since 2002. More than 500 enterprises rely on the Arkeia MySQL Backup Agent.

The MySQL Backup Agent in a specialized hot backup agent that is gives database administrators and system administrators the peace of mind of knowing their data is backed up, protected and available.

MySQL Backup in a Few Clicks

  • MySQL Backup Agent is easy to install with distinct packages for most major platforms
  • MySQL databases and table backup/restore can be selected via the convenient navigator in the Arkeia web graphical interface
  • MySQL Backup Agent provides automated incremental log backups

MySQL Data Protection Included in your Backup Policy

  • Backup policy control is enabled through incremental/full backup flexibility. Database and Backup Administrators can develop a backup strategy that protects information without interruption through hot backup of live database.
  • MySQL redirect restores to an alternate MySQL database or to an alternate server

Granular MySQL Database Backup

"The MySQL plug-in itself works seamlessly with Arkeia and differs in no way from backing up a file system. It's great to have all the data backed up on the same system. And if there is ever a problem, the support team has fast response times."

Henrik Weckstrom
System Administrator
Verkkokauppa, Finland

  • MySQL Backup Agent backups of the entire MySQL database
  • MySQL Backup Agent backup defined up to the individual table level
  • MySQL Backup Agent backups of binary logs, enabling the restore of databases at an exact state between two backups
MySQL Backup Screenshot

MySQL Backup Agent is available as a free 30-day trial download.