Lotus Domino Backup Agent

Backup Types:

Lotus server

Individual databases

Supported Versions:

v5, v6, v7, v8.x

Supported Platforms:

For businesses that rely on Lotus-Notes / Domino servers to manage high volumes of data, Arkeia Software now provides the perfect solution for protecting this strategic information.

If your company uses Lotus for e-mail or more complex enterprise information sharing, this high performance backup solution limits expensive downtime and protects against loss of valuable information.

Every network and every type of server is susceptible to crash or data integrity problems, not to mention outright physical disasters. Arkeia Software's hot backup Agents provide peace of mind about the security of your data and can complement the Arkeia Disaster Recovery Option.

Lotus Domino Backup Agent Features:

  • IBM/Lotus API to ensure smooth operation, online or off line
  • Hot or cold backup
  • Point-in-time recovery with redirect possibility
  • Maximized high-speed performance of backup and restore operations, multi-level security of data
  • Lotus-Notes Critical File backup including the archive log

The Arkeia Lotus agent is certified with the "Ready for IBM Lotus" mark and support Lotus Domino v5, v6, v7, and v8.x operating on AIX, Windows, Solaris, and various Linux distributions.

IBM Lotus Ready