Kadena Acquisition FAQ

ESG Enterprise Strategy Group

"According to our research, customers are more concerned with efficiency, citing cost, ease-of-integration, ease-of-use, and performance as top factors for selecting data deduplication. The Arkeia-Kadena approach of offering deduplication as an integrated backup solution promises to address all of these top issues."

Lauren Whitehouse
Senior Analyst

Who is Kadena Systems?

Kadena Systems is a software development company founded in 2003 by Larry Kubo (CEO), former VP of Marketing at Netapp, and Tamir Ram (CTO), former staff engineer at Data Domain, Veritas, NetFrame, and Auspex. Kadena developed and patented a novel deduplication technology and delivered it in software products licensed through flash drive manufacturers, including SanDisk. Kadena developed and sold an OEM product, Delta Backup, and an end-user product, the PocketCache family, both for Microsoft Windows platforms. Kadena distributed hundreds of thousands of OEM licenses of Delta Backup, and over 6,000 licenses of PocketCache products. Consumers and professionals use the products to maintain backup copies of Windows files on flash drives. Kadena Systems was acquired by Arkeia Software, Inc. in November 2009 for a combination of cash and stock.

Is Kadena Systems' "progressive deduplication" technology different than other deduplication technologies?

Kadena's deduplication technology has several features that are differentiated in the storage industry. One example is use of a sliding window. Like "variable-block" technology, a sliding window can tolerate data inserts at the beginning or middle of a file, and still recognize blocks in the file that follow the insert. Unlike variable-block technology, all blocks in a file are the same size, allowing the block size to be tuned by file type. Learn more about progressive deduplication.

Is Kadena Systems' technology protected by patents?

Yes. The first Kadena patent was filed August 24, 2004 and granted November 18, 2008. The patent covers the application of certain sliding-window techniques to data deduplication.

Is the Kadena technology proven/reliable?

Yes. Kadena Systems' products were sold widely through OEMs like SanDisk beginning in 2005. Hundreds of thousands of licenses have been distributed on flash drives to end-users worldwide. Over 6,000 licenses for "Pocket Cache" were subsequently sold as upgrades to the OEM software.

Will Kadena products continue to be available?

Arkeia will not continue development of Kadena Systems' products. Technical support for Kadena Systems' products continues for licensed customers.

Is Kadena source-side or target-side deduplication?

Kadena technology is suitable for deduplication at both the source (backup agents) and the target (backup server). Arkeia allows mixed environments, as well. On any modern computer, source-side deduplication will offer shorter backup windows, even with active applications. On some very old computers with slow CPUs and very small memory, target-side deduplication may be an alternative to consider.

Is the Kadena deduplication technology "content-aware"?

Yes. Content-aware deduplication requires use of different block sizes (e.g. 1k, 2k, 4k bytes) for different file types (e.g. exe, txt, rdb, jpg, or ppt). Arkeia processes each type of file with the block size that will maximize compression ratios for that file type. Arkeia has tested hundreds of different files types at a variety of block sizes to learn empirically the optimal block size for each file type. This configuration data is used by Arkeia Network Backup so that customers don't have to perform their own experiments.

How does Arkeia plan to use the Kadena technology?

Kadena Systems deduplication is fully integrated with the version 9 of Arkeia Network Backup suite of products, including deployments as an Appliance, a Virtual Appliance, and a Software Application.

When will Arkeia deliver products based on this technology?

Arkeia plans to deliver GA (General Availability) version of Arkeia Network Backup products that integrate Kadena deduplication technology in Q1 2011. First, progressive deduplication will be available for Linux and Windows platforms. Deduplication support for AIX, BSD, HP-UX, Macintosh, Netware, and Solaris will follow in 2011.

Will Kadena technology be available as a stand-alone dedupe solution?

Kadena technology will be delivered as an integrated capability of Arkeia Network Backup. There are no plans to make the Kadena technology available from Arkeia as a stand-alone intelligent disk target.