How to Choose Your Backup Server Deployment

Now that Arkeia offers three deployment modes for Backup Servers, how do you decide?

Arkeia Virtual Appliance

If your organization has already adopted virtualized environments, the Arkeia Virtual Appliance is likely to be a good fit. The Virtual Appliance is ideal when business requirements call for rapid deployment and reassignment of servers. With the Virtual Appliance, you can deploy a new backup server in minutes without having to procure all the necessary hardware components…and even automate Backup Server deployments.

However, remember that you can back up virtual machines without using our Virtual Appliance. You can back up virtual machines with our VMware vStorage Agent—using any deployment of Arkeia’s Backup Server.

Arkeia Physical Appliance

If you manage offices without on-site IT staff, the Arkeia Physical Appliance is probably a good fit. The Physical Appliance doesn’t need regular maintenance and can be controlled via HTTP over a WAN. You can deploy a Physical Appliance with 16TB of useful storage, enough to maintain a short backup window for even large offices.

The classic use of a physical appliance is at remote office / branch office (ROBO) sites. In the future, virtual appliances will start to make their way into branch offices. Rest assured that you can leverage your installation of Arkeia Backup Agents if you decide to transition to Arkeia Virtual Appliances in the future.

Arkeia Software Application

If you need the full flexibility of a traditional software deployment, where your IT staff configures hardware and software to meet your specific requirements, choose the Arkeia Software Application deployment. The advantages of a traditional deployment are numerous.

You choose your hardware and gain maximum performance on the hardware you deploy and you can extend local storage volumes and hardware models without limit. Most Arkeia customers continue to deploy Arkeia Network Backup as a traditional software application.

Infrastructures are heterogeneous and ever changing. With the three deployment modes, you can select the deployment mode that best fits your strategy today, and be future-proofed as your environment changes. For instance, if you have not broadly virtualized you environment but plan to do so in the future, you might deploy Arkeia Software Application today knowing that when you have virtualized more broadly all of your client agents and backup policies can remain the same.