Disaster Recovery

dslnet"I've conducted simulated system failures to test recovery capabilities. The Arkeia Disaster Recovery Option makes restoration a snap. I simply insert the disk and walk away. Three hours later the server is completely rebuilt. It's amazing."

Nicholas Brenckle
Facilities Manager, DSL.net

Arkeia Network Backup enables fast bare-metal recovery on x86 and x86-64 platforms using Arkeia's Disaster Recovery Option. Arkeia's Disaster Recovery Option is compatible with Arkeia's entire suite of on-line backup software on Linux and Windows systems.

For all DR solutions the recovery process is always "off-line". That is, the machine is running Arkeia's recovery software, not its usual applications. The replacement machine is booted from a generic Arkeia-provided image delivered on CD, USB stick, or over the network. Then, the lastest version of each file, operating system structure, and boot directive is copied over the network from the collection of Arkeia Backup Sets to eliminate the need to handle media. Because only the latest version is copied, network traffic is minimized and machines are recovered in minimum time.

The backup process that makes disaster recovery possible may be either on-line or off-line. Disaster Recovery for disaster recovery expands the set of data backed up by Arkeia to include the Master Boot Record and other special data structures summarized in the table below.

An on-line backup for disaster recovery is possible on all Linux platforms and on Microsoft Windows platforms delivered since 2003. Arkeia's Disaster Recovery leverages the Arkeia back-up infrastructure and is compatible with full, differential, or incremental backups. An off-line backup for disaster recovery is created by booting the machine from a Arkeia Network Backup start-up image, typically from a CD, but alternatively from a USB drive or network site.

Of Arkeia Backup Server
(with installed Agent)
Of Arkeia Backup Clients
(with installed Agent)
Linux (1) Linux (1) Windows (2) All
Data backed up by this license Generic agent license File systems (3) File systems (3) File systems (4)
Active Directory
Certificate Service
Event Logs
Disaster Recovery license Master boot record (MBR)
Disk partition info
Network configuration
File system specs
Arkeia database
Master boot record (MBR)
Disk partition info
Network configuration
File system specs
All (5)
  1. All Linux distributions
  2. Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 2008, Windows 7
  3. Linux allows backup of open files
  4. Open files are backed through VSS. Specific Applications, Databases, and Virtual Machine Hypervisors, can be backed up using Arkeia Agents.
  5. Off-line backups capture block-by-block raw disk image

Microsoft Windows Details

Windows on-line backups are made possible by Microsoft's Volume Shadow-Copy Service (VSS) technology, first delivered with Windows Server 2003. Windows platforms that support VSS do not need to be rebooted during the disaster recovery process. Supported file systems include NTFS, FAT32, and FAT. Note that Disaster Recovery is not required for backup of the Windows Registry, Active Directory, Certificate Service, Event Logs, or COM+ data structures. All these data are backed up by the generic agent licenses for Windows platforms.

Backup & Disaster Recovery Appliances

Arkeia's appliance Rx20 series features pxe, dhcp and tftp servers automating the netboot of a server for its automated system recovery; the target computer will boot on the appropriate Disaster Recovery ISO and starts the full bare-metal restore at the required Point-In-Time-Recovery (PITR), based on the backups of the machine.

Platform Support

Off-line Disaster Recovery is suitable for any x86 or x86-64 platform. On-line Disaster Recovery is suitable for all Linux platforms and Windows platforms since Windows 2003, including Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 2008, and Windows 7.

Licensing of Disaster Recovery

To ensure that disaster recovery operations are quick, simple, and reliable, no Arkeia license checking is performed at recovery time. Licenses are ONLY checked at backup time.

Packaging of Disaster Recovery Software

Packaging of of Arkeia's products for Disaster Recovery (DR) is described in the Downloads section of the web site.