Deployment Examples

Four common patterns of deployment of Arkeia Network Backup are described in this section. While many deployments incorporate several features, certain capabilities of Arkeia's products are ideal for each environment described.

Small and medium business deployments have the most direct requirements and often don't have the budget, time, or staffing to deploy elaborate solutions. Remote office / branch office environments probably have the most unique requirements due to the lack of IT staff and limited network bandwidth. Large data centers or managed service provider deployments require a degree of customization and automation that can leverage their standardized environment. For the enterprise deployments, managing the sheer numbers of data sources and the complexity of reporting are key requirements.

Learn here about how Arkeia addresses the needs and requirements of these different types of deployments.

Small and Medium Business (SMB) Deployments

Arkeia offers reliable and easy-to-manage solutions that are cost-effective for the SMB markets and the VARs that serve them.

Remote Office/Branch Office (ROBO) Deployments

The challenge of protecting data at remote sites is that full-time information technology staff may not be available to maintain servers.

Large Data Center / Managed Service Provider Deployments

Customization and automation are key. Arkeia has incorporated into our products insights learned from our early service provider customers.

Multi-mode / Enterprise Deployments

These types of deployments can include multiple Backup Servers and must protect a variety of open files, including application and database data.