Virtualization Backup Agents

Database Agents are available from Arkeia for eleven operating systems. The databases do not need to be stopped to allow consistent backups. Click on the name of any database for more information about the Agent. For precise architectures and operating system versions supported, see the platform support table.

Agent AIX FreeBSD HPUX IRIX Linux Mac OS X
IBM DB2 Agent x x
Microsoft SQL Server Agent
MySQL Agent x x x x x x
Oracle Agent x x x
PostgreSQL Agent x x

Agent NetBSD OpenBSD Solaris Tru64 Windows
IBM DB2 Agent x
Microsoft SQL Server Agent x
MySQL Agent x x x x x
Oracle Agent x x
PostgreSQL Agent x x x

In addition to the specialized agents listed above, Arkeia Software provides the ability to perform an 'object backup', allowing administrators to stream the output of a command directly to a backup device. Common usage is with the tar command, log exporting, or a dump of a database; there is no need for disk staging, data is directly backed up to the destination device, including disk and tape. This provides administrators with the ability to automate the backup of custom-built applications and/or databases.

It is also possible to launch commands before and after backups in order to quiesce the application, back up the data, then automatically relaunch the application at the end of the operation, resulting in reliable backups and minimal downtime.

You can find examples of such scripts on our Wiki for Scalix, Zarafa and Zimbra.

If you require support for a database not listed here, please contact us.