Backup Agents


Just as Arkeia Backup Servers manage the backup destination (e.g. disk, VTL, tape devices), Arkeia Backup Agents manage the source data to be backed up or restored.

Arkeia offers Backup Agents for over 200 platforms, including virtually all Linux and Windows platforms, as well as AIX, BSD, HP-UX, Irix, Macintosh, Netware, and Solaris. Typically, a single Backup Server will manage between a handful and a thousand Backup Agents, depending on variables including the file volume to be backed up, the network performance, and the length of the backup window.

Backup Agent software is all you need to back up the typical "closed" file for which all write and update operations have been flushed to disk. If a file is being used by a process or otherwise "open", you'll need one of Arkeia's specialized Backup Agents designed for common applications, databases, directories and hypervisors. These specialized Backup Agents are installed after the generic Backup Agent for files is installed. Specialized Backup Agents are never required to back up closed files.

The same Backup Agents interoperate with all Arkeia Network Backup deployments, whether using our Software Applications, Physical Appliances, or Virtual Appliances. This interoperability is also true for all Backup Agent Options. If you require support for an application, database, or virtual machine not listed here, please contact us. See the platforms for which Arkeia Backup Agents are supported

Backup Agent Encryption Option

The Arkeia Backup Agent Encryption Option allows source data to be encrypted on the source computer, before it is transferred over the network. Encryption at the source distributes the load across Backup Agents and ensures that data are secure during network transit. Learn more

Backup Agent Disaster Recovery Option

The Arkeia Disaster Recovery Option allows a system image to be restored to a bare-metal computer. Arkeia support Disaster Recovery on the Windows and Linux platforms. A bootable CD is written on a Backup Server and used to re-image the target machine. Learn more

NDMP Data Sources

One special kind of data source does not require a Backup Agent. Network Attached Storage (NAS) appliances that adhere to the NDMP protocol do not need any Arkeia Backup Agent software for either backups or restores. Arkeia Backup Servers can communicate directly with these NAS appliances via NDMP-without loading any additional software on the appliance. Learn more