Apple Mac OS X Backup


Platform Support

Mac OS X Intel 10.4 Tiger - 10.7 Lion
Mac OS X PowerPC 10.2 - 10.5

Application Support


Arkeia Software provides comprehensive backup and recovery solutions for Apple Mac OS X on both Intel and former PowerPC architectures. Arkeia Network Backup for Mac OS X includes support for:

  • Netinfo databases (for 10.4 Tiger and prior versions)
  • Resource forks
  • Finder attributes

With dedicated agents for Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server, Macintosh can be integrated into the backup infrastructure of companies using any of the three Arkeia backup server deployments.

Application Support

Arkeia Software features dedicated agents for hot backup of the following applications:

The easy-to-use Arkeia web user interface, makes Arkeia administration a breeze, whatever is the platform you manage it from.

Time Machine support

As a Mac OS X (10.5 Leopard and above) feature, Time Machine makes hourly snapshots of your Mac to a local disk; Arkeia Network Backup can backup these snapshots in order to safeguard an off-site copy on tape or cloud as well as keeping historical backups longer than your Time Machine target disk storage allows you. Also, Arkeia's backups can be compressed and deduplicated, optimizing your storage utilization.

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