Firegate 1000 UTM Security Platform

Enterprise SPAMWALL Solution  

SPAMWALL is a Firegate feature that blocks spam from entering the protected network by requiring unknown email senders to verify their identity before the message is forwarded to the protected recipient. This challenge/response system is proactive, allowing only senders present on the recipient's acceptlist to pass through. All others are automatically sent an auto-reply "challenge" message to which they must respond. Once they reply, Firegate releases the sent message and adds their name to the acceptlist. The challenge is easy for people to understand, but nearly impossible for automated systems (spambots) to complete. Each address that Firegate protects offers an individually configurable acceptlist, blocklist and hold queue.

Intelligent Design

In the event that the sender also employs a challenge/response spam block, an infinite challenge loop is possible if neither address is present in the other's acceptlist. SPAMWALL automatically detects such events and terminates the auto-challenge response to exit the loop.

If the sender does not reply within 5 days, SPAMWALL assumes that the original sender is not a valid person but an automated spambot and quietly removes the message from the hold queue.

Individual users have the ability to view their own hold queue messages, sorted by sender, date sent or received date. Users can accept or reject messages from their hold queue.

Individual users can pre-populate their own acceptlist by exporting their email address book to a text file and then pasting the contents into their acceptlist. SPAMWALL automatically extracts only the email addresses from other text information and inserts them into the acceptlist.

  • Firegate offers comprehensive network protection by stopping spam, viruses, worms, trojans, and hackers before they enter your network.
  • Intuitive virtual private network capabilities offer seamless road warrior as well as site-to-site tunneling connectivity. 
  • Advanced challenge/response mail processing provides each network user with individually customizable anti-spam preference settings.
  • Infinitely expandable hardware/software platform ensures that Firegate can adapt to all future security threats and network needs. 
  • Embedded anti-virus engine is optimized to provide transparent data-stream scanning as information enters the network, before it reaches client workstations. 
  • Revolutionary ANA (Automated Network Administrator) system monitors and assures that each Firegate has the lastest virus signatures on file. If a Firegate goes off-line, ANA notifies the customer. 
  • Configurable firewall provides granular control over all packets entering or leaving the network. 
  • Flat-cost pricing that does not require client access licenses encourages business growth. All client machines on the network are automatically protected. 
  • No limit on users for VPN or any other Firegate function.
  • Content filtering to protect companies from unauthorized Web surfing.