Firegate Disaster Recovery Benefits

Firegate is the industry leader On Demand BackUp and Recovery services. Firegate provides the answer to the “tape backup headache” with our easy to use, reliable On Demand backup solution. Our On Demand BackUp and Recovery service sets the standard by which other's have tried to follow. Our solution allows you to safely Backup your data to our secure storage vault in real time so that nothing is left behind. Our clients and partners have praised our On Demand BackUp and Recovery service because it simply does what it is suppose to do - every time. End users enjoy the ease of use while also being confident that their data is being backed up right on schedule.

Firegate On Demand BackUp and Recovery Service Offers:

  • A more cost effective solution to backup and store your data
  • A fully automated solution that you can count on when it matters
  • A superior service compared to the hard to manage tape Backups
  • Easy to access data recovery so that you can access your data when you need it
  • Firegate will run on Windows, Mac OS X, NetWare, Unix, Linux and all other platforms supporting a Java2 Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.3.1 or above
  • Firegate's incremental Backup strategy ensures that only new or updated files are sent to Backup server
  • Customizable Backup schedule allows Backup to be scheduled at any time
  • Compress and encrypt data automatically before sending them to the server (server stores only encrypted data)
  • You can access and restore your data anytime, anywhere by using a browser
  • We provide a comprehensive Backup report that lists all files being Backup. The Backup report is delivered to the user automatically via email when each Backup job is completed
  • Your data is CRC validated before it is stored in our vault to ensure that your backup is 100% reliable
  • Our customizable data retention policy allows you to access files even when they have been deleted
  • Select files to be Backed up easily by using Backup filter, e.g. selecting all *.doc and *.xls in your computer in a single operation
  • Run any custom OS commands before or after a Backup job
  • AutoUpdate allows patches to be deployed to hundreds of clients easily
  • A system activity report, showing all Backup system information, will be delivered to system administrator via email everyday
  • Easy to use web interface
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Who Needs it?

Many businesses today admit that their backup plan is at best "primitive"

Who needs to Backup their data? Maybe a better question is “Who can afford not to Backup their data”? Most of us know at least one person or business that has the horrible story of the hard drive that went bad or the tape Backup that failed or the Backup that was suppose to happen but didn't. Firegate provides the solution to the Backup delema. Any business that does not have a true On Demand Backup or disaster recovery plan is potentially putting their data and their business at risk.

Why is your data at risk?
  • Human Error
  • Hardware Failure
  • Viruses/Spyware
  • Software Corruption
  • Theft
  • Hardware Destruction (Natural Disaster)