Firegate & Security

We are a Rackspace Certified Solution Partner. We’ve chosen Rackspace for their unparalleled commitment to quality and superior security practices. Rackspace operates 5 Tier-1 Data centers – the highest standard data center available.  

Physical Security

All data center personnel go through a rigorous background security check and data center access is limited to data center personnel only. Access is strictly monitored and we employ advanced access controls such as card key protocols, biometric security protocols and 24x7x365 surveillance to ensure that your systems are protected. In addition, we employ robust fire suppression, redundant HVAC and redundant power feeds to ensure that data center operations continue uninterrupted in the unlikely case of a disaster.

Certified Engineers and Security Teams

To ensure a fast response to a security event, qualified personnel are available 24x7x365. Our security specialists have earned Cisco Certified Security Professional, Certified Information System Security Professional and other security certifications.

Electronic Security

Your data is encrypted before it ever leaves your computer, using a password that only you know. The data is encrypted during transmission and is only decrypted when you restore the data and input your password.

We use Industry standard 128-Bit SSL Bank Level Encryption. The same type that you use for online banking and the same type used by the US Government. Why trust your data to anything less secure?