Q1. What type of business would most benefit from having a Wiresoft Firegate?

Ans. SMB's, schools, hospitals, dentist offices, medical clinics, doctors and businesses that capture credit card or SSN information.

Q2. Why is the Wiresoft Firegate so heavy?

Ans. The Firegate has a 1.5 lb aluminum heat sink and steel fins on each side for heat dissipation, thereby eliminating the need for a cooling fan.

Q3.What makes the Firegate so secure?<

Ans. It is 128 bit encrypted to the highest level approved by the government and updated at least every 2 hours. It has its own anti-virus engine, spamwall challenge response and Internet access control.

Q4. Has the Wiresoft Firegate firewall or the anti-virus protection ever been breached?

Ans. No.

Q5. Do I need a static IP address when using a Wiresoft Firegate?

Ans. The need for a static IP address depends on the type of connection to be used. For instance:
  • DSL - Yes
  • Cable - No

Q6. What is the target market?

Ans. The target market are small to medium size businesses in the general range of 20-80 employees. This security market is estimated at $1.25 billion and growing at 30% annually. Currently, the product is only available in English. If a market opportunity exists, it could be available in French and Spanish.

Q7. Who would support the product/service?

Ans. The product has a 2 year warranty on the hardware and is installed by the FS24-7 network of installation technicians. FS24-7 provides direct customer support for the first three weeks of usage. After that, Wiresoft will provide support directly.

Q8. Is there a free account available for a pilot test?

Ans. Yes. A 14-day trial period is possible for every reseller partner.

Q9. Am I able to set unique filtering policies for different groups within my organization?.

Ans. Yes. With Wiresoft Firegate, you can set up user groups and apply a specific filtering policy for each group. This allows you to tailor the filtering polices according to the needs of the specific user groups. For example, accounts payable, sales or engineering. You can also create and set policies for individual users.

Q10. How will my organization benefit from the Wiresoft Firegate?

  • Improves Employee Productivity - Reduces computer downtime, unproductive Web surfing, and network congestion.
  • Reduces IT Costs - Frees up IT staff from threat management, enabling them to focus on core business needs. Fewer spyware and virus infections means less PC rebuilding, cleaning, and maintenance, better PC performance and fewer help desk calls.
  • Improves Security - Blocks malicious code like spyware and viruses and protects users from fraud via Phishing attacks.
  • Reduces Liability - Lowers the risk of confidential information leaks from spyware, and lawsuits due to exposure to offensive content.
  • Increases Web Usage Visibility - Enables administrators to determine how their users spend their time on the Web.
  • Enforces Corporate or Regulatory Internet User Policies - Provides tools that help administrators to establish and enforce appropriate filtering policies.
  • Tamper Proof - With the proper network configuration, users can't bypass the Web Defense Service.
  • Easy to Administor - Administration and reporting for both the Web Defense Service and Email Defense Service is performed via the MX Control ConsoleSM, our intuitive easy-to-user web-based platform.

Q11. What will my users experience when content is blocked?

Ans. Users will see an "access denied" Web page when they attempt to download malware, or if they attempt to visit Web pages which violate the policy set by the administrator.

Q12. Will your service slow our Web browsing?

Ans. Most users will not experience slower Web browsing with the Wiresoft Firegate. By keeping your PCs free of spyware and other malicious programs, your PCs run faster which also improves Web browsing performance.

Q13. Can I override website classifications that block access to acceptable websites?

Ans. Yes. Your administrator can define a list of trusted Web sites.

Q14. Will the Wiresoft Firegate remove spyware or viruses that were already installed on my users PCs?

Ans. No. While the Wiresoft Firegate prevents trojans, viruses and spyware from being downloaded via the Web, it does not remove malware from previously infected computers. If your users already have spyware on their comptuers, the Firegate will prevent the spyware from "phoning home" via HTTP to deliver a payload of spied information to a collection site.

Q15. Does the Wiresoft Firegate provide software for installation on my computers?

Ans. No. The key benefit of using the Wiresoft Firegate is that filtering is performed on our servers, not on your servers.

Q16. Can the SPAM or AV filters be turned off?

Ans. Yes. You can choose which email accounts to protect from spam. You have the option to turn off or on the WEB, FTP, POP3, SMTP or AV filters.

Q17. Does the Wiresoft Firegate support SSL VPN?

Ans. Yes.

Q18. Do you have a modern agent for malware and adware at the desktop level?

Ans. We suggest a third party vendor like AVG for malware and adware protection.

Q19. How many users does the system support?

Ans. The Firegate 100 supports 1-100 users. The Firegate 1000 supports 100 - 30,000 users. With the Firegate, you do not have to purchase client licenses and yearly anti-virus subscriptions. This enables small to medium sized businesses to be as secure as their Fortune 500 competitors.

Q20. Do we offer school or government discounts?

Ans. Yes, call us for details at 1.866.333.4567.