User Monitoring

Internet Policy Monitoring & Enforcement
Reveals all the activity of any user on a network of up to 50 computers, it can be also automated to automatically log and filter specific activities such as peer to peer file sharing, unauthorised chat clients.
Website Monitoring

Logs on every website accessed on any computer on the network, and alerts Administrators of suspicious or unauthorised behaviour.

With people running through many activities on a daily basis, our surveillance solution can;

» Logs Keystrokes Typed
» Logs Websites Visited
» Logs Online Searches Performed
» Logs Applications Opened and Closed
» Logs Internet Connections Made
» Logs Files Opened and Printed
» Logs Chat Conversations
» Logs Windows Opened
» Logs Email Sent and Received
» Logs Files Uploaded and Downloaded
» Logs User Total Active/Idle Times
» Logs Passwords Typed
» Sends Activity Logs via Email or FTP
» Records Screenshots
» One-click Access to all logs
» Comprehensive Top 10 Reports
» Instant Alert Notifications
» Easy Log Management and Viewing
» Lockdown and Logging Scheduling