Trainer Authorisation Programme

The new age of cyber crime is attacking us now with all their strength. Organisations such as the Police, defence and the intelligence organisations worldwide have benefited from our training and have armed them to deal with the crime that is happening globally using the Internet as their operational grounds. The threat perception in not just external but a major chunk of it comes via internal sources that have gone corrupt.

We are security professionals who impart and equip organisations with ammunition to deal with such security issues. We have tailor made courses for the forces to impart high level of holistic knowledge in a structured manner to account for all aspects of Information Security. We have a successful track record of delivering these courses successfully worldwide. The course will benefit all government, military and security forces that have the intent of pursing any corrective action, litigation or proof of guilt based on digital evidence.

Governmental or investigative forces along with the Military, Navy and Air Force need to successfully prosecute and defend cases such as terrorist activities. The investigator must first track down and then furnish irrefutable burden of proof derived from the artefact.If not the results can be devastating and can cause irreparable damage. Recently the Chinese cyber spies hacked the Indian embassy in US. E spying operations have attacked 1300 systems in 103 countries recently. Apart from the Indian embassy that was hacked in Washington, countries like Germany, Indonesia. Thailand and South Korea have also faced these issues.

The knowledge on how to protect these systems and the critical applications that reside on the networks and communication platforms can be acquired, even how to write secure applications and test the strength of these systems under an attack. Transnational crimes are on the rise and the sophistication of these crimes needs to be dealt with detailed knowledge and capable forces that can respond to such situations at speeds without causing a panic. Contact us today to find out the full range of courses that are available