The proliferation of e-mail and web access is creating problems for businesses but very few are equipped to tackle. In organisations where there is a lack of surveillance and enforcement, Surveys have found:
61% lose two hours per week
30% lose up to 10 hours per week
9% have no figures

An abuse of Internet policy not only wastes time, but also potentially creates legal liability and loss of reputation for the Organisation.When employees seek out inappropriate material online, firms suffer public embarrassment, legal bills, compensation claims and clear-up costs.

Employees are also at risk of disclosing confidential information by sending e-mails to people they shouldn't, and by accidentally accepting Malicious software.The lack of auditing, and proper access control management have led to catastrophic failures in the past these include:

Yasuo Hamanaka caused a loss of about $2.6 billion, over ten years, in unauthorised copper trading on the London Metal Exchange
Nick Leeson caused a loss of £827 million for Barings Bank, leading to its collapse.
Jerome Kerviel, a French trader who has been charged in the January 2008 Societe Generale trading loss incident, resulting in losses valued at approximately €4.9 billion.

On average, A company that makes £700,000 profit on a turnover of £10-12m could be losing 15% of its profits because of Internet and e-mail abuse!

With these issues facing Businesses today, CIS offers to its clients a purpose built Surveillance Solution. The Solution was developed in accordance with the Cobit Monitor and Evaluate best practices Domain, which is recommended for companies, subject Sarbanes-Oxley Act. CIS Surveillance Solution, can Monitor what any Employee is doing on the organisation's System. The Surveillance Solution was designed from the ground up to be a 24-hour monitoring system with little to no down time.