Perimeter Security

As portable devices such as smart phones and PDAs become more useful in the work place and as their functionality and communication capabilities increase, it raises the question as to where an organisations security perimeter begins or ends. Another complication comes from the fact that Shared Services have become an efficient and cost effective way of maintaining an infrastructure. The net result being that an organisation not always has full control over their perimeter, and wireless protocols that can be accessed from within the organization can work as a covert channel can bypass a security measures in place for conventional ones.

CIS offers to its Clients an assessment of their companies Perimeter to Security breaches form wireless and physical access. From Disaster Recovery considerations such as the central cooling systems run on backup generators in case of emergency, to Physical security controls such as Locks, Surveillance Cameras and the enforcement of physical security policy within the organisation. The assessment includes a Security Audit on the organisation's susceptibility to attacks from wireless protocols, including the use of USB devices and mobile phones as covert channels of transferring confidential data.