Complying with Government Regulations - Sarbanes-Oxley

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) requires executives and auditors of publicly traded companies to validate the accuracy and integrity of their financial reporting. Section 404 of the act requires that companies create and maintain effective internal controls to track financial processes.

The company's financial reporting processes rely heavily on various information systems in different parts of the organization. Purchasing, payroll, inventory, human resources, accounts payable and receivable and many other applications may significantly affect the financial accounts. In order to comply with section 404, effective controls need to be built for all these systems and processes.

IntellinX provides unparalleled visibility into the interaction of all organization employees with the internal business applications. Every screen viewed and every keystroke made by end-users is recorded and analyzed in real-time, creating a full audit trail of end-user access to the internal corporate systems. Privileged end-users are monitored in the same way as regular end-users, making authorized changes to applications as well as fraudulent changes to records performed with special programming tools visible to the internal auditor. Based on configurable rules, IntellinX translates the monitored data into meaningful business indicators, thus enabling you to identify user behavior patterns and detect fraud and malicious activity, zoom-in on specific suspects and replay specific screen flows that contain suspicious acts. All this with no need to install anything on the host or clients and with no performance impact.

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