Complying with Government Regulations

Compliance with new government regulations poses significant challenges and involves substantial efforts. This is especially true for enterprises, which rely on legacy systems for their mission-critical processes. These systems that were developed some 10 or 20 years ago do not typically have the controls required by recent regulations that have been enacted in the past 5 years. On the other hand, most organizations do not have the knowledge or personnel to embed new controls in their legacy applications. As a result, these systems typically cause operational risks and non-compliance.

Another challenge large corporations are facing is achieving compliance in a wide range of heterogeneous platforms across multiple locations. Each business process may span over several platforms such as legacy, client-server, web and others. Many regulations require a detailed audit trail of user access to sensitive customer data across all these platforms. Meeting this requirement may become very costly, as it may involve changes in tens of thousands of application programs or consolidation of existing logs in various structures in disparate locations.

Intellinx's agentless solution is unique in its ability to generate a central detailed audit trail and other types of controls across heterogeneous platforms, including legacy applications with no need to install anything on the host or clients and without changing a single line of code.

Intellinx will help you achieve compliance with certain requirements of: