Operational Risk

Managing Operational risk is becoming an important aspect of sound risk management practice in the financial sector and in other sectors. Operational risk is defined by the Basel committee as "direct or indirect loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes, people and systems or from external events."

Intellinx helps organizations monitoring their internal processes, the activities of the people who perform these processes and the systems by which these processes are performed. The monitoring is performed by customized business rules that track end-user behavior patterns, triggering alerts on exceptions in real-time. These exceptions may be caused by fraudulent acts or innocents mistakes. Business rules can identify and monitor various business indicators of critical processes. The business indicators include the way the processes are utilized by the end-users, the percentage of successful completion, the availability and performance of these processes and more.

Intellinx's tracking of internal fraud, information leakage, critical processes and systems availability and performance can help you mitigating the operational risks in your organization.