Enterprise Case Manager

Intellinx Case Manager builds on our deep experience gathering and processing data for some of the world?s largest financial institutions. Our case management platform provides a rich data model for cases and alerts of various types. It supports regulatory reporting and enables you to identify where your organization is being hit the hardest. Intellinx comes pre-configured with reports and dashboards optimized to manage common scenarios. The system also provides the ability to define customized reports to support your organization?s unique needs.

Case Manager provides supervisors with the ability to manage caseloads manually or automatically through workflow. Workflows also help investigators and supervisors to maintain timeliness in regulatory reporting with automatic escalations at crucial deadlines. Workflows are easy to create and customize. All activities such as alerting the fraud analyst, managing the alert, establishing a case for investigators, managing the cast, supporting prosecution, and regulatory reporting are all addressed by one tool. Intellinx automates the process of filing batches of SARs to ease regulatory reporting. Case Manager?s holistic approach simplifies overall management and reporting on all financial crime activities and security breaches.

Intellinx?s Case Manager is easy to deploy, easy to use, and eases the IT support burden for the organization. Business users with no technical background can define and run reports, configure workflows and link analysis and customize case and alert screen layout. Intellinx is committed to customer support and has successful installations in some of the largest financial institutions around the world. Intellinx is an ideal solution for financial institutions looking to replace sunset technologies such as ICMS or a home grown solution with a more robust integrated solution.

Intellinx can import data sources using traditional methods, but has the added advantage of capturing user and system activity directly from the network using patented network-sniffing technology. By aggregating traditional and real time sources, Intellinx tracks customer behavior patterns and transactions activity to provide a unified view and analysis of customer activity.