Availability & Performance

As Intellinx captures the end-user experience in the internal business applications, it tracks the availability and performance of the services delivered by these systems to the end-users.

Intellinx captures response time and availability indicators of every screen presented to every end-user in the organization. The business rules can identify business processes that are comprised of several specific screens and user actions; hence the system can capture the response time and availability of complex processes including each component of these processes. This detailed information is very useful in case of performance degradation. It may help identifying the specific component of the process in which the problem arises.

The Intellinx business rules may be used for continuously monitoring of performance and availability of critical processes triggering alerts in real-time in case the desired service levels are not delivered.

In case the organization's help-desk receives a call from a user who has experienced a system error, the call center agent may use Intellinx replay facility for tracking the user actions and keystrokes prior to the error. The agent may use also Intellinx queries to find if other users have experienced the same error and under which circumstances.