Intellinx Technology

  • Patented technology intercepts communication between end-users and application servers by sniffing network transmissions through the network switch. In this way, Intellinx does not impact performance of hosts, clients or networks in any way.
  • The system monitors a wide range of platforms.
  • No need to install any software or hardware on host or clients. The system runs on a separate server running Windows, UNIX or Linux.
  • Very short installation process (several hours), with no risk to ongoing IT operations.
  • Recorded data is stored in highly condensed format, allowing monitoring tens of thousands of end-users within an organization without major impact on disk space.
  • Recording files are ciphered and digitally signed, making them potentially admissible in court proceedings.
  • Powerful and scalable business rule engine tracks behavior patterns of up to tens of thousands end-users per site generating alerts on exceptions in real-time