Monitored Platforms

The Intellinx architecture is very flexible and scalable, providing a cost effective solution to organizations with 500 employees as well as corporations with 100,000 employees. Intellinx can be deployed in a wide range of configurations according to the organization's structure and needs. Intellinx may be configured for supporting a central auditing and investigation group that audits all end users as well as decentralized groups of auditors and investigators, each monitoring a subset of the users.

The Intellinx sensors (sniffers) can be deployed in several data centers connected to one or more network switches in each data center. Each sensor server may listen to one or more protocols in one or more network switches. Intellinx tracks user activity in internal business applications by sniffing network transmissions between the host servers and the clients. Intellinx tracks user activity in any application that utilizes any of the following protocols:

  • IBM Mainframe screen protocol - 3270 on SNA, TCP/IP (TN3270) and Enterprise Extender
  • IBM iSeries screen protocol - 5250 on SNA, TCP/IP (TN5250), and MPTN
  • Client/Server messages - TCP/IP, MQ Series, MSMQ, IBM mainframe SNA LU0 and LU6.2, SMB
  • VT100 and other VT flavors
  • SSH
  • Text and binary files, log files, database tables, XML and CSV files

Legacy Systems Monitoring

Since the user activity is reconstructed from network transmissions, Intellinx monitors any type of user activity regardless of the host's operating system (OS/390, VSE, VM, OS/400, etc.) or TP monitor (CICS, IMS/DC, TSO, etc.). The database used by the applications is transparent as well (DB2, IMS, ADABAS, VSAM, etc.). This wide coverage allows you to monitor the activity of any type of end-user - business users as well as privileged users including Data base administrators, system administrators and application programmers.