IDSB Keeps Your Traffic Flowing Safely, Smoothly

Enterprises face a daunting risk/reward dilemma, balancing network security versus cost and performance across very large, distributed and highly complex and often heterogeneous network environments. Security personnel must detect and respond to waves of increasingly sophisticated network-borne threats riding staggeringly high volumes of rich and diverse traffic flows.

In this milieu, comprehensive security requires multiple types of devices, requiring sensors to capture and inspect traffic at all ingress points. Yet, enterprises have to measure the risk against the cost of deployments that effectively address today's threats and the unacceptable performance degradation. An intelligent network load balancer provides security while maintaining network performance.

Corero Network Security's Intelligence Distribution System Balancer (IDSB) is a unique network load balancer, which enables enterprises to effectively address network security risks at manageable cost without impacting the performance of business-critical traffic. IDSB is highly scalable, or to be more precise, makes your network security and network monitoring and analysis devices highly scalable by aggregating traffic flows and distributing and balancing them intelligently to address your security and operational requirements.

IDSB eliminates the need to deploy multiple sensors at each of a limited number of SPAN/mirror or tap ports on your network, sharing these ports among multiple monitoring applications. Rather, IDSB leverages stateful flow-based control, balancing traffic based on the conversations between hosts on the network to make intelligent load-balancing decisions, rather than simple packet inspection decisions. This ensures that each monitoring application receives the flows it requires to secure and control your traffic without sacrificing performance or efficacy. IDSB is one smart traffic cop, keeping your lanes open and safe.