CIS Digital Forensics Lab

As CIS strives to meet the Digital Forensics demands of its clients, It was necessary to build a Digital Forensics Lab, which can investigate and is able to provide world class analysis and report writing to its International clients.

CIS Provides Three Tiers of services:

Tier One: Sending Digital Evidence for Data Analysis and Report Writing

The Tier one caters to clients who have acquired Forensically sound Digital Evidence such as Hard Drives, USB Devices, and Smart Phones, but lack the know how or Facilities to analyse the data and recover vital information to their case. These service can be outsourced to our Labs which has a track record of providing professional reports in a timely and cost effective manner while maintain a chain of custody and accountability for all its investigations

Tier Two: Technical Forensics Support

The Technical Forensics Support is provided to CIS Clients who require the Technical Forensics know how under severe time constraints, or that are required to retain confidentiality of their data.

Tier Three: Incident Response and On Site Investigation

Tier Three services are provided to our clients when immediate and urgent action needs to take place in order to control damage and rapidly assess the situation. Full understanding for the impacts of loss of reputation to an organisation or person, and the use of discretion, has lead CIS to strike a balance between the patience to understand the organisations situation, and decisive and immediate action once which includes the acquisition of evidence and communications with Law Enforcement, Public Relations.

CIS is able to perform Forensic investigations with the use of a Mobile Forensics Labs, providing our clients with sound forensics analysis on Company site.