In a market where organisations are only hiring the absolute necessary professionals who can keep them rolling in tough times and get results from them even in lean phases of business.
We are the people who train you to achieve that edge in the market to deliver your professional best.
If you are a IT professional be it in Software or Networking/Communications and are looking for an interesting and challenging opening in the industry or wish to grow as a professional, our organisation will train you in Information Security from how a hacker thinks to testing and developing IT systems to globally secure standards.
Security is a growing part of the IT industry and there are vacancies for lucrative roles for IT professionals with the right background and training.
Career Launcher Tracks we offer are for;
IT Operations
IT operations including web/developers and application managers. This are professionals role is to ensure that the information assets of their organisation remain free from any vulnerabilities. They will also manage and implement the web servers, networks (including wireless) security products like Firewalls, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam and IDS etc.
Security Operations Level 1
Security Operations Level 2
Security Management
This is a managerial and strategic role where the managers develop and implement security standards and procedures. This role will also involve the creation of regulatory policies for tracking issues related to information security. This may also include audit requirement and their management.
Security Management - Level 1&2 Combined
Security Investigations and Remedial Action
The list of topics covered here are large. A wide range of expertise is required. It is not necessary to know all. However, a mixture of good technical know-how and soft skills will be an excellent solution. The skills range from Licensed Penetration Testing, Forensics, Cyber Law as well as legal requirement on evidence and other issues related to CyberCrime
Security Investigations and Remedial Action Level 1
Security Investigations and Remedial Action Level 2
Security Programmer/Developer
We offer you global leading quality International Certifications that will always be an added advantage by our employer and the knowledge you shall have will give you a razor edge advantage over all your competitors. When you train with us we shall not only train you to be the best at your job we shall also give you top priority in terms of job placements globally.
Secure Software Developer/Programmer Level 1 & 2 Combined