Purchase - Transparency in procurement processes

Spider Purchase facilitates the authorization and ordering of hardware and software as well as services, as individual positions or combined package With its flexible work flows, the prepared shopping carts and the integrated budget management, this product really makes sense in the IT purchasing.

If a request has been detected, it will be directed automatically into the authorization workflow. Only after its successful settlement, the purchasing department will receive the order. Due to the prepared shopping carts and service packages, there is a considerable streamlining and harmonization effect in the IT. The integrated budgeting helps to keep the predefined funding framework per department. The combination with a shop system and an internal ERP tool increases the performance additionally.

The integrated reporting informs at any time about the status of open requests and orders and makes statements about the expected money flows. This increases the planning security and improves the service in the company.

Computers, peripherical devices, software, accessories and services are mapped individually or in combinations, parts lists can be viewed. Some products can be ordered at different suppliers. An integration with the SAP system (MM module) allows for the automatic creation of orders and the smooth transfer to the existing ERP world.

As an enhancement to Spider Asset and Spider License, the software supports whole process chains from the target definition via planning, technical and commercial release, order up to the posting of the delivered assets.

Spider Purchase is also designed for stand-alone use. Product selection and order process are running with more structure and thus faster. Using the catalogs will result in a consolidation of the used IT products.

In license management the advantages are obvious: Software orders are checked against the software pool. A new software will only be ordered if there are no licenses left.