Company wide consistent Software Packages

Geographically dispersed offices can often result in diffused data, applications and releases. Columbus Replication will control the details of the location, the time and the content of your data and will ensure that it is synchronized throughout the company.

Distributing a Software Package over a network always raises the risk of an interrupted transmission, which can potentially impact a whole department roll out. With Columbus Replication this will not happen. It will make sure that only a fully transmitted package is installed.

A wizard guides you step by step through the configuration of your replication and synchronization jobs. Whether you need to exchange the most recent documents or distribute information from a master site onto other sites, you determine how and when the distribution takes place and how much network traffic to save. Every time you do this you are able to create a pre-distribution CD to reduce the amount of data moved across the network. Columbus Replication is the idea way to replicate and synchronize your data.