Software and Client Management

The Columbus management modules offer practical features that tightly address the needs of enterprise IT environments in areas such as physical and virtual systems, notebooks through servers, installation, configuration, monitoring, updates, backup and restore services

Columbus OSDeploy:Automate your operating system deployment company wide, fully configured and ready for use workstations, all without having to visit individual machines. Reduce administration costs and get optimally configured, immediately available systems.

Columbus SWDeploy:The main tasks in client management are installation and removal of software, and configuration of systems. SWDeploy is a comprehensive solution for customized, automated deployment of applications, configurations and more.

Columbus PackageStudio:Standardize, optimize and manage software package definitions across your organization. Integrated functionality allows automated management to save time, increase accuracy and improve security.

Columbus PatchDeploy:Minimize security gaps and improve regulatory compliance in your organization by ensuring your client's operating systems and application have the latest security patches installed. 

Columbus InventoryScanner:Well-founded decisions require sound information. Discover and actively manage your IT assets across the organization, from physical systems tothe individual hardware and software components running on those systems.

Columbus RemotelyAnywhere:Stop guessing and start diagnosing. Access, control, diagnose, fixand service your Windows systems quickly and securely no matter where they are, and no matter where you are in the world.

Columbus Imaging:Fast troubleshooting, more efficient rollouts and disaster recovery supported by enhanced and flexible image usage. Columbus Imaging provides powerful image management and is the corner stone for overdriving your rollouts.

Columbus Replication:Automate replication and synchronization of your data, programs, configurations and application releases across company locations efficiently, intelligently and reliably.

Columbus DataBackup:Centralized data backup function with minimum storage demand and highest data security for mobil and home office users. It is based on freely definable policies and requires no user interaction.