Remote Office/Branch Office (ROBO) Deployments

Remote/branch offices and the data that they house are integral to business success. The growth of multi-site, distributed data within an enterprise calls for a remote office backup solution that not only protects data, but ensures overall business continuity. Enterprises with remote or branch offices (ROBO) require speedy recoveries, centralized management, and ease-of-use all at manageable costs.

Recent studies demonstrate the challenge:

  • 70% of businesses view remote sites as central to business operations (Taneja Group and Storage Magazine 2007 study)
  • 93% of new data is being created at the edge of the enterprise and not in the data center (IBM)
  • 75% of enterprises don't have resources in remote offices (Aberdeen)

Example Scenario: Remote Office / Branch Office Deployment

This solution calls for Arkeia Hardware Appliances to be deployed at each remote office with the Arkeia Software Application in the data center. Appliances at the remote site can replicate data to other Arkeia Network Backup deployments for off-site storage of backup data. Optional tape drives allow for speedy disaster recovery.


Products Deployed

The Arkeia Backup Appliance

The Arkeia Hardware Appliance deployment option is an all-in-one data protection solution providing simple, reliable and affordable data protection for multi-site organizations. Ideal for large environments with distributed data, the Hardware Appliance deployment option is a powerful and scalable appliance, available as a rackmount or desktop model. Hardware Appliances completely integrate Arkeia's award-winning Network Backup suite and a complete backup hardware system, including disk and an optional integrated tape drive. The Hardware Appliance's federated data management architecture allows remote and centralized data protection, making it possible for remote/branch offices to backup, restore and archive critical data, with little or no local resource needed.

The Arkeia Hardware Appliance comes standard with a remote management capability, allowing each appliance to be monitored, diagnosed and managed from a remote location such as a data center or enterprise NOC. Remote management reduces costs since there is no need to have a local resource to manage data protection. This feature makes management from a remote location as easy as local management.

Arkeia Backup Replication can be applied to easily move data from remote offices to your data center or to another remote site to ensure your data is protected in the instance of a catastrophic failure at a remote office.

Arkeia deployments with Replication allow enterprises to gain control of data at the edge of the enterprise without having to invest in new network infrastructure, local on-site IT, or risky and expensive new technologies.

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