Active Directory Backup Agent

Active Directory Backup

Supported Platforms
Windows 7
Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows Server 2008
Windows Server 2003

Active Directory is a technology created by Microsoft that provides a variety of network services. The Active Directory infrastructure scales gracefully, from small to large deployments, including synchronization of updates among multiple servers. Features include:

  • Lightweight Directory Access Protocol LDAP is the industry standard directory access protocol, making Active Directory widely accessible to management and query applications. Active Directory supports LDAPv3 and LDAPv2.
  • Kerberos-based authentication
  • DNS-based naming and other network information
  • Central location for network administration and delegation of authority
  • Information security and single sign-on for user access to networked based resources
  • Central storage location for application data

Active Directory Backup Agent Features

The Active Directory Backup Agent for Arkeia Network Backup provides an easy to use backup and recovery solution for Windows Server directory service data. By integrating with VSS. The web interface allows administrators to backup and recover Active Directory data in a few clicks.

Arkeia Support for Microsoft VSS

Arkeia support for the Microsoft VSS backup API allows a single solution (e.g. Arkeia) to backup all the components of a Windows Server. Learn more about Arkeia backup solutions for Windows, including support for other applications such as Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint and Hyper-V virtual machines.

Consult the Arkeia Wiki for more technical details about deploying and using our Agent for Microsoft Active Directory.

Arkeia's Backup Agent for Active Directory is available as a free 30-day trial download.