Remote Access

Administrators can access NetCrunch remotely using NetCrunch Administration Console or the web-based client.

Web-based client

The web-based client allows viewing maps, events, reports, trends or SNMP information. Administrators can use it to change monitoring configurations or acknowledge alerts.

NetCrunch allows creating profiles for remote users, limiting their access to certain network maps or program functions. All remote access sessions can be logged by NetCrunch, showing which users connected remotely to NetCrunch, from what IP address and what tasks they performed. Fast and secure communication with NetCrunch is possible thanks to the encryption and compression algorithm.

NetCrunch Connection Broker

NetCrunch Connection Broker allows receiving desktop notifications from multiple NetCrunch Servers. The programs also allows viewing events details, and manages credentials needed to connect to different NetCrunch Servers via NetCrunch Administration Console.